Mulch & Topsoil

Sold in bulk ( one cubic yard scoop or 1/2 scoop ) or 5-gallon bucket (bring your own bucket or container to hold the material).

Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch
This is a triple-cut dyed hardwood mulch with a fine texture, which is put through a dye and cure process. It will retain its sharp black color to create a crisp accent to any property that lasts and lasts! ***We recommend not spreading the dyed mulch prior to heavy rain or bleaching of material will occur. There needs to be an extended period of drying time after it is spread of 12-24 hours without rain.***
Brown Premium Bark Mulch
Natural, all bark, triple-cut mulch that has a fine texture. This mulch will break down faster than hardwood mulch, adding organic matter to your soil.
Prima Soil
Prima Soil is a certified organic, food and feed waste compost soil containing 45% cow manure, 45% horse manure and 10% food and feed waste. This soil is processed dry and stored under roof. Unlike mushroom soil, it is dry and very easy to work with. We recommend this soil for top-dressing when seeding or patching lawns, flower beds, gardens, raised flower beds and gardens, or any place where you'd like plants to grow!
Screened Topsoil
Natural local topsoil that has been processed through a screener which removes rock, clumps and debris. High in organic matter. Easily spread by hand. Kept dry under roof for year-round availability.
Fill Dirt
Natural Subsoil which has been excavated from a site and stockpiled in our yard. May contain large rocks and debris. This is not a topsoil and is not intended for planting or seeding. An economical choice for filling in large or deep areas and grading before topdressing with one of our topsoils. Available weather permitting.